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Vikas Sharma

State President

Kapil Jain

State Secretary


Swami Vivekanand Youth Front (Since 2010 | Regd. 100022) is a Social Organisation constituted for empowerment & involvement of youth for the social betterment of the society. It was constituted in the year 2010.
At the helm of this youth front are the two pillars of the organisation viz. Mr. Vikas Sharma and Mr. Kapil Jain who devote lot of time and energy in keeping more than 350 active members of the Front engaged in social work throughout the year.
Both young leaders play a pivotal role in the activities of Swami Vivekanand Youth Front. The front is engaged in many social activities.


The activities of SVYF are focussed on various social and environmental issues SVYF focuses on developing moral values in youth. As due to modernization today’s youth are not aware of the traditional values of our rich culture. SVYF organizes various seminars and lectures for the youth of colleges and universities to develop the feeling of respect towards traditional moral values.

SVYF is also engaged in maintainance of cremation places called Mukti Dhams. The members of the Front were deeply regretted by the conditions of Mukti Dhams as no body was interested in taking care of the place although everybody uses it at some time or the other. Hence SVYF took it in its own hand to maintain various Mukti Dhams of the city by taking care of its cleanliness and basic facilities. Although SVYF does not support driving of teenagers before getting license, it is now a days common to see very young kids driving vehicles rashly on road and causing accident. The members of the Front are engaged in counselling of such children and their parents about road safety rules, so even if driving cannot be avoided it can atleast be safe for the children and other road users.

The think tank of SVYF was deeply concerned by the number of deaths occurring due to suicide amongst the students who come to Kota for coaching. Thus SVYF started taking counselling sessions in various coaching institutes to keep the students motivated and discourage them from taking drastic steps. The Front also organises cultural programmes, musical concerts and road shows so that the students can spare some time from their hectic schedule and enjoy themselves. Such activities divert the minds of students from their every day trouble and worries.

It is quite evident from the above that the various activities conducted by SVYF requires a lot of efforts both in terms of physical and financial obligations. From time to time SVYF seeks some financial support from Institutes, Corporates and local businesses which help in the smooth conduct of activities of the Front. The front is fortunate enough to get the desired support from various organisations and is always grateful for the same.

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